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Chardon by Aude-Okami
Name: Precious Chardon
Gender: Male
Species: Unicorn
Talent: Analysing and planification, he is a great strategist,  good at resolving problems and making plans
Bio: Since he was little, Chardon wanted to became famous, to reach something in his life, he believe he has a great destiny ahead of him, and will be capable of anything to reach his objectives, what he want. He has a particular intelligence, and often people don't realize how much potential he has. He has lately began a carrier in politics, and work in the Castel of the princesses, he is one of the assistants in charge of solving issues in the town. A job that could potentially be of use to make friends with criminals and dangerous ponies hidden in the shadow of Canterlot.
Personality: He often smile and charms ponies, using his pretty appearance to test them. He has a great confidence in himself, is very ambitious and egoistic, and have a dark side, negatives feelings he hide from others.
Destination(Ponyville, Canterlot, etc):
Canterlot, with others prosperous ponies, he likes to be around wealthy and self oriented ponies
Judicious Case Reference by Aude-Okami
Judicious Case Reference

Judicious Case, a young pony with mixed genes. He seems to be an alicorn but he’s not. His parents were just a pegasus and an unicorn, and genes mixed in their children, creating a very rare occurence. He can use magic a little, like make object levitating, but that’s all, and he is unable to fly, his wings can’t fonction, but just move to use objects, little things like that.

He lives in canterlot, and work in his father’s business, a very prosperous one, and is the pride of the family, very talempted, he is seen as their future. But he is just doing what they want of him, to please them. His real talent is manipulation, speech, he is a really good orator. He can abuse people in beliving things, trust him, etc...

When he isn’t doing what his family wants, he likes to play with people, train his talent, toying with customers and others ponies. But never with evil ideas. He’ll never do anything wrong to anypony, he is not evil, but like to play and manipulate. He is still figuring what he really want to be.

His cutie mark is a white and orange fox, to symbolize his trickster and ingenious mind. He likes to be called Reynard, in reference of the Roman of Reynard, who feature a very manipulative and talented fox.



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I often love to use these wonderfull brushes…

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